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Time is but an illusion – The Turtleneck

There are certain trends that have defied and withstood the test of time. Many have came and  gone, all that remains of them is but a distant memory. One such fashion trend though that time and time again we keep seeing each Autumn/Winter in magazines, runways is the incorporation of a turtleneck or roll neck with tailoring. The history or origins of the turtleneck itself are a bit hazy and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it was created, all we know it that it’s a piece of knitwear that’s been around for a long time. What would have started of as a garment that was more functional than fashionable, was quickly adopted into the world of fashion. The likes of Steve Mcqueen, Andy Warhol then solidifying it as must have piece thus making every guy out there clamour for one to add to their wardrobe.


It’s an Autumn/Winter wardrobe staple piece that without a doubt very much pieced together with majority of my looks. It’s greatest asset is its versatility, that allows certain styles to work effortlessly. The sheer versatility of this knitwear is what has given this knitwear a long term spot in the wardrobes of many gents. It’s a classic and timeless piece that can add elegance to a suit when you want to take a much needed step away from the tie or un – buttoned shirt look. There are many variations of the turtleneck and over the course of Autumn/Winter I will be talking about them and styling some looks with them. However, today I am more interested in the light thin merino wool kind that works well with tailoring.


When picking which colours that suit best, neutrals that contrast with the tailoring are a safe bet, for example a light oatmeal with a navy suit. Building a nice collection of of blues, blacks and earthy tones is also a top tip. However If you want to be daring you can opt for a white, green or even burgundy colour. I love the burgundy tones as I feel they work well with many different colours of suits and can be easy to piece together with tailoring. The two looks below are my take on wearing the burgundy turtleneck with two different looks one a day time office look the second something a bit more daring and a reflection of my personality.

Day time

This a simple and elegant look that works well for the office, meetings and can even take you to after work drinks.


Night time

This is look is a bit more daring and out there but I love pushing the boundaries from time to time. This a look that I would possibly wear to an event or fashion show. It’s also a look that I would probably were on a night out with friends to a bar or something along those lines. You can find me chilling at the bar sipping on an Old Fashioned.



Look 1 :

Suit – Louis Copeland and Sons

Turtleneck – H&M man

Chelsea Boots – H&M man

Watch – MVMT

Glasses – Tommy Hilfiger


Look 2 :

Suit – Remus Uomo

Loafers – Kurt Geiger

Watch – Rotary Watches

Jewellery – Common Lines

Fragrance – By Kilian ~Dark  Lord


Special thanks to the Iveagh Garden Hotel for the amazing location.


Photographer – Pearl Phelan

Assisting – Josh Reynolds




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