Power Suits and The Concrete Jungle

Pinstripe Suits in tailoring are a bold statement piece I feel every guy should have in their tailoring collection. Throughout history of fashion and even in movies Pinstripe Suits are often donned to represent power, hence why I call it a ‘power suit’. It exudes class and elegance the kind that makes you feel like Don Corleone in the Godfather! The power suit is usually black or dark navy, however various brands have started to create much more lighter tone versions of the suit and when I saw Benetti Menswear’s light blue/grey Pirlo Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit I just had to have it! The colour, light pinstripes and of course the fact that its Double breasted are what caught my eye.



I was lucky to be gifted this beauty and I decided that I would do a shoot and style it in a more traditional way that exudes that class, elegance and air of power that we have known the Pinstripe Suit to project, but still put the Lawsofstyle twist on it. Below are two looks of this power suit that I would wear to take on the Concrete Jungle we live in, be it meetings, day to day office wear, these looks will make you stand out! The first look is a classic take on how to style a pinstripe suit, with the Savillle Row Co. navy/white reverse stripe contrast collar double cuff shirt and classic suede loafers.


Suit – Benetti Menswear, Shirt – Saville Row Co. Tie – Zara, Loafers – Kurt Geiger


The second look is more of a summer tailoring look that incorporates these slick white sneakers and the classic white single cuff shirt from Saville Row Co.

Suit – Benetti Menswear, Shirt – Saville Row Co. Tie – Bows n Ties, Sneakers – Kurt Geiger


Photos by –  Moments Alive Photography

Thanks for dropping by again guys and it’s good to be back. I will be posting at least once a week as some of you stressed how much you missed my full posts and full collection of my shoots. I have a lot of content that I have been working on since January so I hope you pop back over to check it out.



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