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One DB suit, three looks

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything and I thought it was fitting to do a Dapper Monday Blog post as my first comeback post. Quick disclaimer I’m not being paid in any shape or form for this blog post. I simply appreciate the brand and their tailoring! This post features the up Irish born and bred brand Benetti Menswear that is making major strides in Irish fashion and producing impeccable affordable tailoring without compromising on quality! This Irish powerhouse has become the official tailor for the FAI *Irish Football Association*, they will supply the Ireland Football Team with all their tailoring needs and they are an unstoppable force right now with a tailoring and footwear range that will rival even some of the big brands out there.

I bought this slick subtle pinstripe DB suit in April for a wedding and have since managed to style the suit 5 very different ways, which is what I always look for when buying or getting a suit made. Sheer versatility is what I look for because I can get more looks out of it and thus I don’t have to keep buying new pieces every time! So without further ado here are the 3 very different looks that will cater for whatever occasion you may need them for be it your day to day office wear, race day attire, wedding attire or your Sunday brunch sitting on a nice rooftop bar/restaurant attire ( my favourite attire).


My outfit for my brothers wedding wearing the same Benetti DB Suit


This look is great for your day to day office look! With pinstripe being known as a power suit pattern you are sure to turn heads. I pieced it together with a patterned tie, a light blue shirt and brown leather tassel loafers. Who said just because you are in an office you should’t look your best and who knows that power suit will get you noticed, for all the right reasons of course!

Outfit Details: Suit- Benetti, Tie – Bow n Ties, Pocket Square- Ted Baker, Loafers- Aldo Shoes


With race day/summer events in full swing at the moment, this is a perfect sunny day look that will definitely turn heads. White trousers are adventurous and when worn the right way with the right pieces, they are a sure way to get you a lot of compliments and to get you noticed. This look is loud but also maintains that element of class. It shows creativity and going for a white shirt is a sure way to keep it uniform and then break it up with the pinstripe DB blazer. The patterned tie makes another appearance again and pop of colour is well needed by introducing a burgundy and navy polka dot pocket square. The leather tassel loafers make another appearance however you can opt for a same shade colour of loafers but have them as a suede material! Definitely take the plunge with this look for a race day and who knows it might win you Best dressed guy. I won last year with a similar look so give it a shot!

Outfit Details: Tie – Bow n Ties, Pocket Square- Massimo Dutti, Pants- Tommy Hilfiger, Loafers- Aldo Shoes


Last but surely not least is my day time brunch look. It’s classy but casual and by swapping out a shirt to go for a cotton/silk blend cream polo with a pair of crisp white sneakers you really follow through on that casual aspect of the entire look. It’s relaxed and the polo is very breathable and won’t leave you sweating like a pig on a spit. In addition, the suit is from their Spring/Summer range so it’s made from very light fabric designed to be worn on warm days. The sneakers are a nice touch as a pair of loafers would have made it look to sophisticated. This look will work well for that day time date aswell if you want to impress but not look too overdressed! You can never go wrong by pairing a pair of crisp white sneakers with a well tailored look!

Outfit Details: Suit- Benetti, Polo- Massmio Dutti, Sneakers- Kurt Geigerman


Below are more pics of the three looks.




Let me know what you think of my one suit worn 3 ways blog post for my Dapper Monday segment. If you love the post please do feel free to share or comment! There are plenty more blog posts coming from now on at least 2 per week.

Photos by Damien Broderick

Thanks so much guys for dropping by again. Till next time……


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