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Mr. Jenks – Luxury Italian Handcrafted Umbrellas

Growing up I always thought there was something that was uber dapper about owning a luxury handcrafted Italian made umbrella and I knew that one day I would own one! MrJenks have fulfilled this by creating their range of fine Italian handcrafted gentleman’s accessories.

Gone are the days when an umbrella was just used to cover you from the dreary weather. Umbrellas are now a classy accessory that every dapper gent out there should own. You will be pleased to know that they actually do keep you dry and with proper care will last you  a lifetime! These exquisite umbrellas from MrJenks tick all the right boxes and the attention to detail by this Irish brand is impeccable. From the metal MrJenks engraving, to the different types of wood used in each umbrella, to the craftsmanship and to the design these umbrellas have it all, making them in my opinion the must have accessory of the year! Each Umbrella was Handmade in the Novara province of Italy, and by use of traditional skills, each umbrella was crafted individually by hand and this means that no two umbrellas are exactly the same, thus making your MrJenks umbrella unique!

Each of the umbrellas have a Beech-wood shaft and different wooden handles such as Malacca wood, Maple wood and Chestnut. Check out the full collection of the umbrellas below and you can also get more information about the umbrellas on MrJenks.com.

Retailing at €169 they won’t break the bank too much and they will be worth the buy as they are an investment piece. With the the dreaded rainy winter weather already here, you can be rest assured that MrJenks’ have got you covered! I also brought the green and cream stripped Malacca Wood handle umbrella along to my shoot, to show you guys just how dapper it will make you look! Check out the images below.










Coat- Crombie, Suit – Louis Copeland and Sons, Roll neck- Topman, Pocket Square- MrJenks, Loafers- Kurt Geiger.

Photos taken by Moments Alive Photography

Umbrella Images provided by MrJenks

To buy any of the umbrellas from the collection and to check out the other accessories this amazing Irish brand has to offer,  go to MrJenks.com.

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