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Us guys tend to shy away from using grooming & skincare products, the market is flooded with so many brands it’s hard to know where to begin with a skincare routine.
Last month I attended the #MFILOVESLUSH event in Lush! Henry Street in Dublin. I have picked up a couple of their iconic bath bombs as gifts for my girlfriend before but it wasn’t until I attended this event that I discovered what I missing out on!
Lush has a pretty incredible range of Men’s skincare products including daily washes, scrubs, moisturisers, beard waxes & face masks all for us gents!
Like seriously how could you not these bombs!

Like seriously how could you not love these bath bombs!

I am one of those unfortunate guys that has super sensitive skin that reacts to everything so I’v been confined to using 3 products which have worked for me but are certainly not the best because of the chemical cocktail that was used to make them, being a pharmaceutical scientist makes me fully aware of the impact these chemicals are doing to my skin. You can imagine that I was chuffed to discover the vast range of natural skincare products (animal testing  cruelty free of course!) from Lush!

I tried a couple of the products including the Imperial facial moisturer, the coffee facial mask and of course I had to pick up a couple of those bath bombs!
The moisturer left my skin feeling smooth & hydrated no stinging or burning which can often happen when I try a new product (damn sensitive skin)!
As for the coffee facial mask… WOW! Caffeine basically helps with the circulation in the skin so this product is amazing to really get the skin feeling and looking refreshed! Perfect to revitalise any tired or hungover skin too!
I’m hoping Lush is gonna help me keep to the stereotype that black don’t crack in about 30 years lol!
 Check out my pics from the night & drop into the guys on Lush Henry Street next time you’re in town.




Pictures by Patrick Quinn Byrne
Thanks for dropping by guys…

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