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When it comes to skincare and the perfect skin, it took me a while to discover the right formula that would keep my skin looking youthful, radiant and clear. Yes you can argue genetics and so on but you can’t just leave it to just good genes and hope for the best. A lot of work has to go into but it’s not tedious work that’s strenuous at all. It’s forming small simple easy to remember habits that you incorporate into your grooming/skincare routine.

I am blessed with good genes I won’t lie, my Mom is in her 40s but is often mistaken for my sister. However over the years as I have gotten older I started to discover that good genes alone would not cut it. With being someone who’s always in front of the camera for work, my skin has to always look camera ready and flawless. To achieve this or even come close (because my skin isn’t always perfect but it’s great majority of the time) that requires a morning and night-time skincare regiment that involves skin supplements, using the right grooming products that work for my skin and ohh also about 3 litres of water each day!


Yes the grooming products play a role in achieving this, however the key is what you put inside of your body and I am talking about supplements. I studied Pharmaceutical Science and I am quite knowledgeable about how certain vitamins, minerals and so forth have a good impact on your body and your skin. Yes you should be getting these essential vitamins and minerals from your food but I digress supplementing is key (especially in the current state of the world we are in). You can add those extra key miracle ingredients that give that extra boost. The real work starts from the inside! Now more than ever, not just for your skin but overall health it’s important that your body gets the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The team over at Lumity reached out to me about their Men’s supplements and GQ were raving about them so I said why not I will give them a shot. I stopped taking the other supplements I was already on because I wanted to see what effect this particular brand would have on my skin and overall health alone and this would make up my mind for me. I am not being paid at to talk about them this is merely my own observations and conclusions of the brand.

I have to say I am impressed with the product. Within 2 weeks of taking them a visible change was very noticeable. The bags that I usually would have under my eyes were less visible, my skin was a lot more plumper and more radiant than it normally would be. Not only that by my energy levels got better, I was sleeping better and more focused. This is down to Lumity’s formula includes vitamins A, C and D plus the minerals selenium and zinc, which are a powerhouse combination that contribute to immune health, helping you stay fit, healthy and strong inside and out.

Their unique twice-daily delivery system consists of two different teams of the highest quality nutrients. These work in tandem with the circadian rhythm at a cellular level to support the body’s different needs throughout the day and night. Contains a scientifically calibrated blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, quality omegas and essential nutrients.

Their 2-step formula includes antioxidant vitamins, minerals and amino acids, plus three additional key nutrients for men’s health, endurance and vitality. L-Citrulline enhances the energy-boosting qualities of the Lumity Morning softgels while providing added male-specific benefits.Pumpkin Seed Oil is in carotenoids and lipo-soluble nutrients and has long been touted as a health boon, especially for men due to its beneficial effects on prostate health. Taurine is an organic acid, which acts as a lipid/membrane stabiliser in the body and can aid various antioxidant defence systems.

A powerhouse supplement, formulated specifically for men, this scientifically proven formula grants multiple benefits. These include: firmer, youthful-looking skin; stronger hair and nails; boosted energy and vitality; reduced oxidative stress; immune resilience and enhanced brain function; more energy; reduced tiredness and essential maintenance of the circadian rhythm.

With a lot of us going back to work, resuming life in the new normal and with us still being in a pandemic it’s never been more important than it is now to look after yourself and your body. I could go on on and on about the health benefits but I always find that trying something is the best way to find out whether it’s good for your or not. So buy a sample and give them a TRY and see what you think. The lovely folks over at Lumity gave me a 20% discount code that you can use to give their supplements a try for one subscription or a 3 month subscription.



Your Health is your Wealth.

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