Louis Copeland and Sons X LΛWSOFSTYLE- “Fall is here”

The Only Barrier is in Your Mind 

The good folks from Louis Copeland and Sons and myself have decided to do another collaboration in time for Autumn Winter and all the glamorous events that comes with the season. This collaboration is definitely my favourite to date and a lot of work, commitment, production quality has been put into this collaboration. I hope you love this post as much I do.

Without further ado let me tell you the meaning behind the title! In our everyday lives, whether it be fashion or within a job etc we find ourselves at crossroads with our minds. We put up invisible barriers that stop us from really expressing our creativity or reaching our full potential. For me this invisible barrier comes in the form of something as simple as choosing an outfit or in the case of this collaboration, going out of my comfort zone and picking out outfits that I wouldn’t normally go for. Above is a video I made about my latest creation from Louis Copeland and Sons’ Made to Measure tailoring and how their Made to Measure tailoring is a way to break that creative barrier we all face and to go crazy with creating the perfect suit for you! Check out some photos from the shoot below.





I also decided to do 4 really different looks that I wouldn’t normally go for. All the looks below are my own way of overcoming this barrier I put in my mind and everything about this whole collaboration was my way to express my favourite Law of Style- Creativity.



I never wear 3 piece suits because I always thought the didn’t suit me or that they make me look too bulky, but to my surprise I absolutely loved this 3 piece suit and dare I say have been converted to wearing 3 piece suits! Mr. Jenks new AW collection pocket square, really complimented the look.




I swapped out that tuxedo for something a bit different by going for a black velvet print blazer and a black and gold Paisley print scarf with a fine silver Tommy Hilfiger watch from Weir and Sons. This look will be a great outfit to wear for NYE.




This is my favourite casual classy look, who said you can’t wear white pants in winter? The dark green and burgundy just look amazing with a winter staple turtle neck! The Thomas Sabo watch and silk scarf just polish up the whole look.




The last look is a classic AW look with that brown check with a black knitted tie! To finish the whole look a Ted Baker watch and Mr. Jenks’ New AW pocket square were the cherry on the cake for this whole outfit.




Check out the rest of the photos below!
















All the watches I wore are from Weir and Sons, they are a perfect gift for Christmas or if you just fancy spoiling yourself this Christmas. Don’t forget to check out Louis Copeland and Sons to get your own MTM suit or all their amazing pieces. Step out of your comfort zone and create a beautiful unique suit that you wouldn’t normally go for! If you decide to just pick of the rack pieces don’t forget to be creative, because remember one thing – The Only Barrier is in Your Mind ?

Video shot by – Wissame Cherfi Films

Photos by – Moments Alive Photography

Suits from – Louis Copeland and Sons

Watches from – Weir and Sons’ new Fashion Room

Pocket Squares from – Mr.Jenks

Thanks for dropping by guys….



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