LC X LΛWSOFSTYLE ‘ The Modern Day Gentleman ‘

Gentleman – ˈdʒɛnt(ə)lmən/

noun- 1. a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man.


The word seems to be something we are hearing less and less of. It’s a word that has been used to associate men who not only dress impeccably but men who represent certain values such a chivalry, manners, courteousness, honour, elegance and class. So what is a modern day gentleman in this day and age?

In my opinion the modern day gentleman is one that has stayed true to all these values and has managed to instill these values into his day to day life. It’s the fundamental basis on which every guy out there regardless of how they dress should aspire to be! That being said, I believe a well tailored suit, some gentleman’s accessories and being well groomed in every aspect also goes hand in hand with this ideology. This time around having teamed up with Louis Copeland and Sons we have created something hails back to the era of gentlemen and classic tailoring! This is part 1 of a 2 part collaboration with folks from Louis Copeland and Sons.



The fabric is a cream light weight seersucker that’s super breathable and won’t leave you too warm! The really high peak lapels give a nod to classic Italian style suits. To keep it all classic, high waisted pleated trousers with turnups were a must! The entire look is a nod to the great classics with the shirt with a collar bar and suede double strap monks.



It’s a suit that’s a head turner, it’s a suit with sheer versatility on how you can style it. The only barrier between that creativity and creating some truly impeccable looks, is your mind. I feel this is a suit that embodies and reinforces all those fundamental values mentioned before, which in my opinion make a true gentleman.



Take note of this ” Manners maketh the man “. However a well tailored suit with a hint of creativity that gives a nod to the greats is not a bad idea to reinforce this ideology!


Outfit details Louis Copeland and Sons Made to Measure suit, Eton shirt with collar bar, Bows n Tie tie, Massimo Dutti Pocket Square, Loake Shoemakers double strap monks.


Pictures by the amazing David Gannon

Assistant – Tessy Photography


Special thanks to Zozimus for the amazing shooting location

Thanks for dropping by again guys….

Check back again soon for part 2 of our collaboration titled ‘ The Rebel Style Savant ‘…..



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