Doing “Manly Stuff”

So today I spent my day doing “Manly Stuff”. Thanks to I got an old school shaving kit with a Stainless steel Safety Razor, Shaving brush, Manly Shaving Soap and a black knitted tie with a really cool wooden tie bar. Manly Stuff are a great Irish Brand that cater for every gent out there by providing Shaving kits, tailoring accessories and even minimalist watches and when it comes to shaving they are “Reintroducing men to the art of Wet Shaving. At an affordable price”.




Once upon a time I used to be a guy who used shaving razors but they always left me irritated and gave me ingrown hairs. So imagine my skepticism when I got sent a Razor. However I decided to give it a try cause you have to admit there’s something uber manly about using a Razor especially an old school safety Razor like this one! I shot the whole thing via boomerang a cool app by Instagram. So have a look below ?


P.s when shaving you go with hair growth not against, to avoid those nasty shaving bumps and skin irritation


I absolutely love the products and it will come as no surprise that they actually have a variety of different types of razors, shaving brushes, shaving kit stands etc that you can buy. With Fathers day fast approaching I will definitely be ordering a shaving kit for my dad and some tailoring accessories too (And of course I will spoil myself to another razor, more luxurious badger hair shaving brush and a shaving kit stand for my razor and brush). If you want to order your own kit you can do so at and check out all the great products they have!

Thanks for dropping by guys..



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