CRAFT and CO Barbershop

It won’t come as a shock but I always found it nearly impossible to find a high end Barbershop that cuts and styles Afro hair. I found myself having to contact barbers that I knew as I could trust them to cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. However I felt I was missing out on the new age barber shop experience as there is so many slick new places in town!




I always thought that any high end Barbershop out there that could tap into the Afro hair type would make a killing and do well! Alas my prayers were answered and I stumbled upon the Craft and Co Barbershop by 63-64  Thomas Street Dublin 8. Of course I was a skeptic walking into the shop because I’m really particular about my hair and all I could think to myself when I saw Michael was ” what does he know about cutting afro hair” and “ohh jeez he’s gonna mess up my hair and I’ll have to get him to shave it all off”, however Michael delivered on his promise! (Well he had to deliver, I threatened to burn the shop if he messed up my beautiful hair lol. I didn’t actually say that but you get my drift lol).  Before I got my haircut, I received a nice shampooing session to my hair and then the haircut began! After a nail biting 20 minutes my hair was done and I received a hot towel to cleanse my face He cut my hair exactly the way I wanted it done and might I add, with surgical precision!





I mean look at that shape up!



I love my high fades!


This Barbershop has not only won me over by their excellent skills and ability to cut Afro hair, but the decor itself is super impressive! The customer service and the attention I received was commendable. I can safely say I will be a regular in this cool Barbershop. Oh did i mention that its also a tattoo parlour!




You can make an appointment for this cool barbershop on their Facebook page . You guys should check out their Instagram and check out a few pics I took of the shop!






Some Proraso shaving products and Dear Barber beard wax that you can buy.










Thanks for dropping by again guys


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