Continental Watch – The Lost Art of the watch & revival of a tradition.

Once upon a time, the watch was the quintessential accessory that every man out there had to have. We now live in a digital age were phones and smart watches are the way most people tell time and I personally feel that there has been a tragic shift that has occurred in the last few decades: Watches are a rarity from men’s wrists. It was a necessity, or else being late to meetings or not knowing the day were a common thing. However as the technological age of cellphones came about and later smartphones started becoming more common, the watch suddenly seemed old-fashioned and less of such a huge part of our lives. (I mean, who needs a watch when you can just pull out your phone out to check the time on digital display and a device that has it all for you in the palm of your hand?).


I am one of the few men who still adores the aesthetic and appreciates the art of wearing a watch. To myself a watch is as much a functional accessory, as it as a fashion accessory that often becomes the cherry on top for my outfit. When it comes to picking out a watch I look at a few factors that help point me in the right direction as to what to buy, such as versatility with the outfits in my wardrobe, the occasions I have to wear the watch to, the number of wears I will get out of said watch and overall my lifestyle.



I am lover of craftsmanship and when you look at the history of some of the best watches that have been create over the decades, the Swiss do know how to impeccably craft a timepiece. One such watch that caught my eye and something I wouldn’t normally go for is this stunning Swiss made watch from Continental. This classic style Swiss made timepiece features a blue dial with stainless steel Roman numeral hour markers and hands. It also features a seconds subdial. The dial is surrounded by a stainless steel case and has a sapphire crystal. Accompanying the watch is a quite opulent classic mahogany case, lined with creme leather to house your watch. The entire thing as a whole exudes class and at a price point of €300 it’s definitely money well spent in my opinion. I have had the pleasure of pairing this watch with many outfits in my wardrobe to give my look that much needed character. This timepiece really does tie it all together for me and with an extensive range on offer from the brand you can choose one in a colour and style that suits your aesthetic and lifestyle.



You can find the rest of the Swiss made range from Continental HERE. I will leave you with this thought for the day. Every hour, minute, and second hands on that watch are not going to stop moving. Neither should you. This is why you need a watch in your arsenal and why a tradition needs to be reignited.

Photographer – Max Lederer


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