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“A suit is the Modern Day Gentleman’s armour”


When it comes to picking out your armour that you will be wearing pretty much every day, one has to go bespoke. When it comes to choosing a new suit, going bespoke is considered the premium option as the entire suit is created without a pre-existing pattern or design. The client creates a uniquely, impeccably crafted suit that they will work on with their tailor. The suit they create is an original, one-of-a-kind garment made to the wearers taste down to the last thread. Everything about the suit from the cut, style details, trimmings and overall aesthetic are made for and owned by exactly one man. It is hand-drawn and crafted based on exact specifications from the wearer’s body. It’s a one of a kind suit and therefore, a gentleman’s one of a kind suit of armour.

Your first tailor visit for a bespoke suit is akin to a rite of passage, much like your first house or first kiss or your first car, so you’ll want to do it right. A few key points are important to learn before you embark on the journey of creating that suit of armour designed specifically for you, such as construction and tailoring terminology to convey with ease to your tailor your needs. In this article I am going to introduce you to bespoke tailors, Christie’s Tailors based in Leeds offering bespoke services at competitive prices and why you need to take a trip to them and get your winter tailoring sorted.

With over 10 years experience Christie’s Tailors’ brand ethos is the belief that ‘all suits, trousers, shirts and tuxedos should be well-made and fit like a glove. Using only the finest fabrics and materials, their expert tailors use their skills to craft unique and perfectly fitting suits and garments.’ With an extensive offering of fabric options and a huge range of customisation options, creating a suit to perfectly match your requirements has never been an easier feat.

Bespoke suits can set you back a pretty penny and the gents over at Christie’s Tailors assure you of competitive pricing without compromising on quality. With suit prices starting from £700 their winter collection is a sure head turner. The collection is a rough guide as to what to expect this winter and the suits they have available now are very on trend. Bearing in mind, these are just 17 of the many cloth options you can choose from when creating your perfect look for the season, the true range of options and style details are almost limitless.

The winter collection ticks all the right boxes from the ever so popular Prince of Wales check, burgundy tones, green tones, the double breasted jacket, side adjusters on trousers and so forth. This is a really good guide to steer you in the right direction when picking out a suit this winter. My personal favourites from the collection were I to pick myself up a bespoke suit are noted below, along with the rest of the collection and it goes without saying I would change around a few things to make this suit of armour mine and mine alone.






Book an appointment with the gentlemen over at Christie’s Tailors today and smarten up for Autumn/Winter.

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