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We’re almost halfway through February already and a lot of us, myself included, made New Year’s resolutions that involved getting fitter, eating healthier and looking after our physical and mental health and wellbeing. I feel this month can be a tough one because this is when we start to lose drive or motivation after a long and arduous January. However I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be such a drag to get yourself back out there and stay on top of being fit and active by trying out a different training routine. Now I am not going to sit here and pretend to be some fitness guru because I am not! This is merely my take on my new found health and wellbeing lifestyle.

The gym can be a scary place and for a lot of newcomers very daunting. You have various types of people training there, the seasoned trainers, athletes, bodybuilders, the ones who are there to just stay fit and then the New Year’s resolutioners. I for one know what it’s like to be a seasoned gym head having played rugby back in the day, having done the strict training regime of 5 days a week etc. However back then I trained for the wrong reasons and after a long haiutis from the gym I decided to get back into training to look after my health more. The only difference this time around is that I am training for the right reasons and the gym isn’t the right fit for me right now to take me on my fitness journey for reasons I won’t delve too much into. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the gym environment and I will most likely get back into it when I am ready, however it’s just not for me at the moment. I felt that I needed a change in the way I trained, to refocus on training to be healthy and not to try to fit into some social standard that we as men are fed on a daily basis on what the perfect body is.

To achieve this new fitness goal along with the right mentality I needed good gym gear that would allow me to train effectively and luckily the good folks at BoohooMAN must have had burning ears because I was gifted their new active range at the start of the New Year. This range is ideal for me as it allowed me to train outdoors a lot more and it’s clear that the range was designed with outdoor use on the design team’s mind. What I love about is that it’s warm enough to allow you train outside, with breathable material to keep you cool during your workout which is something I look for in good quality active wear.



Now that I had the right training gear I needed to test it out and in enters a great app called Freeletics that I have been using to train outside. Its a great app that uses various exercises to essentially create a circuit workout, from burpees, pushups, lunges to name but a few. The range of exercises that Freeletics offers are extensive and have different difficulty levels to cater for everyone. I love this app and training outdoors as it allows me train on my own without the judgement or the constant feeling of comparing myself to the guy next to me and his perfect body or the amount of weights his lifting. The only thing left to do was to put the range through its paces by doing one of the circuit workouts on the app.


CR7 to help with the workout 


Started off with a warm up running up some steps


Lunges to hit those legs


A quick protein refill with Fulfill Protein bars


Few push ups to hit that chest 


Step ups to hit those legs again 


Tricep dips to hit


A few legs raises to hit those abs



Chins up to finish up the workout 


This entire workout from Freeletics is a 20 minute HIIT training session which doesn’t seem like much but it’s great because you get 20 seconds to rest so it keeps the blood pumping 

If you love training outdoors be it running, using the many training apps out there or training in the gym then I think you will love the activewear range from BoohooMAN. They really thought it through when designing the range. I think it’s both a functional and aesthetically pleasing activewear that will work great for whatever fitness goals you might have.


Photographer – Jekaterina

Activewear Range – BoohooMAN

Runners – Nike

Protein bars – Fulfill


Thanks for dropping by again guys…..



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