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We might be in a global crisis however getting out of bed, getting dressed up especially in an outfit that makes us feel good, has never been so important at this moment. This routine especially for those who are working remotely from home, allows us to still have some sort of normality in these chaotic times. Mind you, when we dress well we feel good about ourselves, so why not still dress up for yourself right? With the growing trend of the “All Dressed up and no where to Go” challenge,  I thought I would do a piece on what I am wearing at the moment and how it makes me feel.


Due to the crisis, our fashion choices unfortunately have to factor in comfort, the fact that we might not necessarily be leaving the house aside from the all essential shop run. That means when it comes to what you can wear and still look stylish, what you pick out is key. I own quite a lot of Tommy Hilfiger pieces and when I bought them comfort, style and how they made me feel was a key factor. The good thing with a brand like Tommy Hilfiger is that there’s no shortage of great pieces that are both functional and stylish at the same time. My favourite collection from the brand and one that I time and time again find myself drawn to is the Tommy Jeans Collection.


The Tommy Jeans collection, always finds a way to invoke that childhood nostalgia because it’s what I used to wear when I was young. Oversized silhouettes allowed for maximum movement when playing. To myself, the collection represents being care-free, living in the moment, enjoying myself and being comfortable.



The look I am feeling at the moment is based around this childhood memory and I have incorporated my TH monogrammed black jeans, oversized long sleeved t-shirt, the reversible Puffer jacket and some crisp white sneakers.


VisualsDaragh O’Neill

Full lookTommy Hilfiger x Tommy Jeans 




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